Save Ukraine from War 2022

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Olena Legenchuk

I’m Olena Legenchuk, ukrainian, from Zhytomyr city.

I’m a mother of 4 kids, professional photographer, artist, motivational speaker and volunteer. 

Before the war, I worked on the creation of a cooking book for kids, organized and participated in female conferences, and volunteered for children with disabilities. I had a lot of plans and dreams which Russia had ruined when it came to killing our children.

Now, I dedicate all my efforts and money to fight for our freedom and for the help of women and children who are forced to emigrate.

Every day I can see the scared eyes of children, the exhausted faces of women who have no home, no understanding of their future. I want so much to give them at least a bit of feeling of safety.

Our NFT project is created particularly for this purpose. To be able to do more.

Ukrainians are a strong nation, however, now we need World’s help like never before.

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